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The Exhibition – “The Three Sisters”.

Images from my exhibition “The Three Sisters”, concluding my 11 week residency at Kilkenny Arts Office. (I may eventually get around to editing the film from the launch night)!

My residency was the best thing I have ever done for my visual art practice and for my self confidence. A big thankyou to Mary, Niamh and Cathy who were so supportive and for all the chats about art.



Cathy Fitzgerald

August 28, 2010 at 7.25 am

It was a real delight to get to know you and your fabulous work practice… so amazing to see the show and your new endeavours into video fit so well into what you do. We still have’nt been for a swim in clashganny yet out borris way, ;-)


Getting giddy while setting up the camera for the opening.

Animation workshop

Here is the film of the animation workshop I ran over 6 evenings with a group or teenagers in Kilkenny over the summer on my artists residency.