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I went out with Rose in a canoe to try to get a quieter bit of Lough Mask for some sound recordings.

We canoed out to Alcatraz, a name given by the kids from the adventure centre for a rock that sticks out from a shallow part of the lake right in the middle. We had a great swim the sounds how ever are a bit quiet. Work in progress as ever.


Srauthán Garbh

My drinking water comes from the Srauthán Garbh (rough river). The only filter is half a septic tank full of pebbles. In summer me and my neighbour take it in turns to rejig the pipe further down as the river dries up. After a large rainfall the water goes very brown, I then go up to my neighbour’s well, or just buy a bottle of water from Centra. The water from Srauthán Garbh tastes great, and aren’t fresh water shrimps not only a sign of clean water but extra nutrition as well!

I took my hydrophone and Gopro camera and walked up through the river, I have loads of under water sound samples, I am unsure what to do with them yet, but I had a great afternoon in my drinking water.


Today my hydrophone arrived from America. This plugs into my digital sound recorder and records under water! This was inspired from listening to RTE radio 1  “Sound Stories”.

The episodes with Chris Watson were what really got me excitied. Stories of pinning down rabbit carcuss to record the sound of crows eating the flesh and being spotted doing so by a group of tourists. Nearly every epsode leaves me with goosebumps.

I have been using my didgital recorder for around two years and have files of amazing sounds, particularly birds.

Padraic Canny took me out into Lough Mask, it was all very quiet, most of the sounds came from man made, boats, a group out kayaking.

Back to Co Galway for a few weeks.

Back to Co Galway for a few weeks, to prepare for “Cascade” my exhibition at The Linenhall Arts Centre, Co Mayo, opening October the 1st. This is my 6th solo exhibition in two years, and will combine all the work that has developed in the two years and some new pieces for the space.


Yehay, I have a six month studio residency with The Endangered Artists Group from Kilkenny. They have their studios in a workhouse in Callan, Co Kilkenny.



Watch out! Behind you!

Its Stripey the Kilkenny Cat made by members of Callan’s John Knocks GAA club for the Abhainn Rí Festival parade.

After he had done the parade Stripey seemed to appear everywhere! On crane in the middle of The Kings River, on the chipshop roof and high abouve the Abbey on Vintage Day in Callan.

My friend Jean was getting quite spooked by it all! He’s behind you… Stripey’s watching!

Abhainn Rí Festival “The Spectacle”

The week after the parade as part of the festival was The Spectacle. This was an event made over the course of three days where participants could sign up and take part in different three day workshops, the culmination of which will be The Spectacle on the last evening. Different workshops were fire-drawing, street arts, drumming, circus skills amongst others. I was facilitating animation and this was going to be projected on the bacon factory walls.

Pete Catsby was doing the video projections.

As the animations were to be projected we kept them quite simple and tried to think of the building, where the doors and windows were situated and how our animations could fit in with this. We used mostly black and white as the bacon factory wall was an olive green color.

Below is a film of the animations. I am still waiting for footage of the night and the projections. Though there were some technical difficulties on the night, we managed to project most of the work up, but maybe not quite as plan “A” had hoped. The audience however were none the wiser and it all looked great.

Abhainn Rí Festival.

I was fortunate to have Patrick Lydon, creator of Kcat


in Callan, Co Kilkenny come to see my work at Kilkenny Arts Office and on the back of that I got to work on the Abhainn Rí Festival. This work was orginaly to train any interested members of Callan community in carnival arts and how to build a parade. As with most community art events it snowballed, turning  into me being completely immersed in the parade build for 6 weeks.

The whole build was great fun, and there were so much enthusiasm from all different ages of the community. There were of course gliches on the way, but I had great fun working and on the parade day there was a gigantic crowd and we had over 100 participants all performing and having a great time together.