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The Linenhall Visual Art Programme for schools.

The Linenhall sent me a CD of the Visual Art Programme for Schools that was run during my exhibition “Cascade” in October.

Here are a few of the images of the gallery tour. The Linenhall arts facilitators then ran workshops after the gallery tour where the classes made collaborative mobile sculptures inspired by nature and what they had learnt in the exhibition tour.

It was a new experience for me not to be facilitating these workshops, as I am usualy in the thick of it all, but I really liked what they all came up with, well done and thanks to the arts team Denise, Kate, Claire and Katriona.


The link below is a film of interesting interactive work.

Goodbye Inis Oirr.

Well good bye to my friends on Inis Oirr, and maybe see you again sometime in the summer.

I made a short experimental animation on the large window at Áras Eanna. This was just tracing the view and thats the guy who lives next door. The sound is one of two snippets of the Curlew cry that I managed to record.

Whilst on Inis Oirr I made this piece in a jar and it got accepted into the Galway Arts Centre “Put a Lid on it” Exhibition. This is the statement for the piece below.

“Fair Game”

The Curlew is the largest wader in Ireland, recognizable with their long curved bill and spindly legs. The Curlew has a distinct, beautiful and evocative call.

Whilst on my artists residency at Áras Éanna, Inis Oirr in November 2010, I was lucky to encounter the Curlew. I tried numerous times to photograph them and record their call, but I was usually drowned out by the bellowing wind and beaten by the intelligence of the Curlew, who were always two fields away.

The Curlew is ICUN Red-listed as ‘Near Threatened’. Predators and vanishing habitat are the reasons for the decline in numbers.

It does seem very baffling that the Curlew was included on the list of birds that can be legally shot at this hunting season.

Is breá liom snámh!

Gosh thats better, my 5th day out here on Inis Oirr and finally I got to swim in the sea. It is bizzare,  I feel so much more relaxed and conent after the dip. I had got nervous to go swimming here as for a start the weather was extremely wild plus no one out here swims and there was talk of the big storm arriving this weekend.

I woke up this Sunday morning, the wind had dropped and it was the calmest since I arrived, so I seized the opportunity and cycled down to the beach. I had a lovely swim, though I didn’t go out my depth. I took a few photos and a bit of film.


Áras Éanna

Here begins my island life. I was fortunate to be offered an Artists Residency at Áras Éanna, Inis Oirr, Co Galway for a few weeks.

I seemed to have brought the weather with me, it is extremely wild, wet and windy with great promises of a big storm for the weekend.

This didn’t deter my exploring, I had brought my bike and off I went. On my first afternoon, me the bike and my unfortunate camera got drowned from the driving rain and wind. At the time I just kept taking photos, but now my camera has died. (not my waterproof one!) It is all opened up and is in camera surgery right now, here’s hoping. Below are some of the last shots this camera made.

Jason Eppink

Whilst reading about “The Underbelly Project” I came across this is an mind blowing shadow sculpture by Jason Eppink. It was his contribution to The Underbelly Project which saw different artists over the course of a year secretly create work in an unused subway station in New York.

Watch the film on this link below, amazing.

On Jason’s own website he claims that he likes to think of himself as “a dude who is making things a little better” and his work falling between “art, prank and activism”. I love the humor and technology in his work.

And being a swimmer I particulary liked his “Black Tie Beach” film. This is found on

Remote control.

This was shot a good while back, about a year ago, when I first got excited about the idea of using remote control cars. Never quite got the hang of how to use them in my exhibitions yet.