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The second of the 24 hour swim film.

This is the second film, its a 6 minute musical version. I used The Cinematic Orchestra – “To Build A House”. the track is so beautiful and makes the swimmers all look so graceful. I hope they don’t mind me using their track.

As far as me being a film maker, I am only still learning, although I have took films with a regular underwater digital camera before, one film was shown in London in a Mart group exhibition in 2009 with artists including Piplotti Rist among others!

Since I got my Gopro camera last year, I am so really enjoying experimenting with it, I get very excited by the results, I haven’t completely worked out how to use all these films in my art practice, for now I call them my “watery sketches”. They seem to feed the rest of my art practice and are starting points for all my other images.


The first of the 24 hour swim films.

Here is the first of the swim films I made for the mad 24 hour swimmers

This film is the long 25 minute version, mainly for the swimmers themselves and other swim fanatics. It’s a warts and all version, minimunly edited, including the sounds, (the tripod dragging along the floor!)

All swimming, no art!

The line is blurring between swimming and my visual art practice.

I am still on a residency at Endangered Studios, still planing and making my work and yesterday I participated in a third workshop with Bejamin Gaulon from Recyclism.

The workshop covered the basics of Physical Computing using a hacked game controller and Pure Data. We experimented with controlling sound and visuals in Pure Data, using a USB Interface and silver foil sensor switches.

So watch this space…. but maybe don’t hold your breath!

Painting in progress below –

24 hour swim.

I spent the weekend filming a 24 hour swim at The Kingfisher pool in Waterford. Colm Breathnach organised this event for a group of long distance and competative swimmers, they swam one mile every hour for 24 hours. Most swimmers were swimming the mile in 20 – 25 minutes, then they would rest until the next hour.

As soon as I heard my swimming companions were doing it, I knew I would not be fit enough to swim one hour an hour for 24 hours, but I thought it would be a good opportunity to mess with my camera in a pool. I had 15 hours between 6pm – 9am as I could’t film when the pool was open to the public. I didn’t stay the whole night, but got some good footage. The film will take a while to edit. Here’s a group photo at the end of the swim, 3pm Sunday afternoon.

Dog’s Island.

I am going to film the whole of the Kings river that runs down through Callan where I am living and joins the Nore just before Thomastown. My dream is to project this film onto the water tower I can see out of my studio window. This projection will also have animations made by myself and members of Callan community as part of the Abhainn Rí night time spectacle in July 2011.

The only problem in front of us, the festival,  is that we have no funds yet! So this may be scaled down to just a projection on a building, as to hire an industrial projector cost around €1,000 a go approx! But I do know one day I will project one of my watery films onto a water tower, I’ve been keeping my eye out for dramatic ones!

I have two small films made but last Sunday I went to Dog’s Island and I felt like I had been transported into a chapter of Lord of The Flies. Some local kids were all swimming and jumping off this overturned tree root, the evening light made for stunning images.

Below are some stills from the film, the quality as stills isn’t as good as the photos. I hope I will catch such stunning conditions again for more images.

Garter Lane Arts Centre

I was approached by Garter Lane Arts Centre in Waterford to exhibit in their gallery in July 2011. I decided to go ahead with this, even though I had said that after The Linenhall Exhibition in november 2010 I would  leave out big solo exhibitions for a while, as I just can’t afford them.

This show will contain 80% past work from other shows, but I do plan to incorperate The Guillemems the local swimming spot where I have been avidly swimming all through the ice in winter with a group of hardy all year round swimmers.

I am excited  about this show and it was great to be asked.

Happy 1 year anniversary – Living in Kilkenny One year today!

To celebrate my one year in Kilkenny I asked if the kayak club would take me swimming down the Nore. They were the first group to take me swimming when I arrived this time last year so it seemed fitting to go out with them again on the same weekend.

I gave the camera to Luke who shot most of the footage on this film.

The Nore nearly took the camera, but luckily we found it!