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The Munster Express.

This is a double page profile interview in the Munster Express. Press on the image and it should en-largen so you can read it.


A little dabble in Open Water Swim ‘racing’?!

Well, I am an avid swimmer, as my blog implies, but haven’t done a proper open water swim event yet… in togs! So I entered “Escape from Spike Island” in Cobh, Co Cork August 7th. Here they drop you off at Spike Island and you have to swim the mile back to shore. ( I found out on the day it was actually 1800m, a distance never before swam by me!)

I had not really trained properly for Spike Island, and I was heading out with three supersonic swimmers, Claire Morrisy, Maura Murphy and Marie Barry, all who have swam the English Channel in a team.

Suffice to say that I came a respectable ‘last one out of the water’ putting in a time of 5o minutes! I was delighted, as I didn’t even think I would finish it, and thats the longest I have swum in one go.

My friend Cindy was my kayak support. Below are two films that she took during the event.

But first I did the Snamh Fáda, (less than a mile) kind of by mistake on July 24th, just after my exhibition opening at the Garter Lane and the Abhainn Rí Festival opening! I was just going for my regular weekly dip at The Guillamene and saw this event was happening and thought what the heck…. I managed to swim it in 26 minutes and was pleasantly suprised that I could do it. Trevor filmed the event for me.

Dariusz Sebastian Burdon and Mat Collishaw

Long Strand Bridge.

We swam down a shallow warm river to a giant sandbank. We could hear the roar of the ocean from behind it. We climbed over and danced on the edge of the ferocious white water.

Two films of my exhibition at The Garter Lane Arts Centre.

These were filmed just using a small instant camera. This camera doesn’t pick up the film work. I hope to get a better film before the exhibition is taken down. The sounds are sounds from the three swim films.

Mill Pond.

Caroline Schofield took me to a beautiful swim spot on the Kings River.

Below is a short film I made in collaboration with the local mermaids and mermen!