Monthly Archives: September 2011

Welcome to Dublin!

I have moved to Dublin to start a Masters at NCAD in Art in the Digital World.

I had been emailing artist Fergal Mc Carthy for a few months to ask  if he would take me for a swim down the River Liffey when I arrived in Dublin, to help me ‘settle’ into the place!

He has just finished his piece “No Man’s Land” for the Dublin Fringe Festival,  and we met up on Wednesday at dawn to swim down the river. Although our art work is miles apart, there is most definitely a link with the idea of swimming and connecting with a new place, to submerge yourself in what is the pulse and energy of a city. Fergal has used the Liffey on past art projects and has swam down the river several times, that is why I asked him to take me on my initiation swim.

I film all the swim journeys I take, I do this for documentation and research purposes. Most films are like ‘watery sketches’ that feed my painting and sculptures.  I have made a couple of finished Swim Films that can be seen on my Vimeo site below.

Below are some stills taken from the film of the morning’s Liffey swim.

We were so lucky to get the sun rising on the Liffey, the vivid pink and red reflecting off the water, it was a magical experience I feel very honored to have been able to swim the Liffey. I now feel I have definately ‘arrived’ in Dublin! A huge thanks to Fergal, it was most certainly an eventful swim!