Monthly Archives: October 2011

High Rock

Since moving to Dublin, ‘where to swim?’ has been a priority. Apart from my initiation swim down the Liffey at dawn I needed to meet a group of regular swimmers who swim all year in all weathers. The open water swimmers are so kind and generous, swimmers from cork put me in touch with a group of swimmers who meet at High Rock on a Sunday,. Like the Guillamene in Waterford the group is mixed of Channel long distance swimmers and mere mortal swimmers!

I have of course been filming them.

I also try to get out to the 40foot or Seapoint at least early one morning during the week, again a really friendly places to go. I certainly haven’t had the chance to miss swimming since I moved up to the big smoke!


Art in Dublin October

1. “Nicole Tilley at Dublin Contempibles”

2. “Surface Tension”

3. “Life’s No Picnic on the Streets”

4. “Time Coloured Place”