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Hydromemories update!

My film “Swim to Work Day” – An experiment in beating the morning traffic 2010 was selected for the Hydromemories website, ‘an interdisciplinary artistic project on the theme of water’.  My film is under the Hydro Archive heading.

See my blog post in March 2011 about this website. I sent it  off months ago, and then just found out the other week! What a great supprise!


“Welcome to Dublin” – the movie!!!

At last the film of my initiation/welcoming/bonding swim down the fantastic River Liffey at dawn, with the very generous Fergal McCarthy.

See the blog post on September 30th for photos and description of the swim.

Natural History Museum

I have been on the search to find work since moving to Dublin. The Natural History Museum may be interested and I got a tour around this amazing ‘museum of museums’.

Quantified Self and Innovation Dublin 2011

Quantified Self and Innovation Dublin 2011

Last night I went to the Historical Failures, Science Fictions and Technological Futures film screening and discussion at the LAB, Dublin. The films shown were all new to me, and all fascinating.

The first film was Bit Plane by the Bureau of Inverse Technology.

I enjoyed the way it was shot, almost like old authentic film, and then dispersed with text that added the narrative and elements of humor.

I know the whole point of the film was about technologies from ages ago used in wars that contributed heartbreak and destruction, and turning these technologies around and incorperating them into a modern situation, to spy on ‘no camera zones’ in Silicon Valley. But it reminded me of the Sean Lynch film, where peregrine falcons were mounted with small cameras and flew around the Moyross estate in Limerick.

I am interested in the ‘hidden camera’, as I have been walking around Dublin wearing my head camera. As yet I don’t know what to do with all the film and wonder if it is at all intersting and who would watch it! But the Peregrine film I saw was really amazing.

Then we watched Flat Earth byThompson and Craighead. This film may look like google earth, but was made from accessible films from the internet and readings from blog posts which gave what is an un-human out of this world vision of the earth a human element.

The Quantified Self exhibition is where artists Michelle Browne, Cliona Harmey, Saoirse Higgins and Bea McMahon all collaborated with Shimmer research to create the work. Shimmer Research – “develops wearable sensors that capture kinematic and biophysical data.”