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Urban Swimming #1, 2 & 3.

Dublin 25.11.11

As part of our Urban Hacking project on the MA ADW course, I swam through some Dublin fountains as my public intervention experiment. It was great fun too, albeit a chilly November morning. I hope this will be an ongoing project.
Thanks to cameraman Mitch.

However editing this film nearly broke me, it took days to try to sort out. The problem was the 2 different cameras used both have really weird settings, as well I am still learning Final Cut Pro and trying to do a split screen. It is still far from perfect, but you get the idea!


Urban Swimming in the Moxie group show.

I decided to use two TV’s for the Urban Swimming film as the split screen was having problems, mainly due to the different size and qualites of the two cameras.

This looked fine, the 2nd TV was black until I am swimming and the under water film kicks in. Turning the DVD players on and getting them in perfect synch was a bit tricky!

‘Urban Swimming’

Our college project was to go out into the streets and create a piece of Urban hacking/grafit/intervention of any kind. To document it and have it up on you tube by the next week.

I decided to create a series of films called “Urban Swimming”, where I swim around fountains in Dublin. I may put the film up in the Moxie group exhibition tomorrow, if I can get it edited in time, I am also learning new editing software … watch this space!