Monthly Archives: May 2012

“Swim #1”


The Water Tower Arts Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria.

My work has been chosen to exhibit at the Water Tower arts Festival in Sofia Bulgaria this June. I will go over with my paddling pool and sound and video piece for this.

I was unable to find funding to assist me so I will teach animation at the festival to help go towards the flights.

Final first year presentation in the sea!

I am so enjoying my time being a student at NCAD. I am continually pushing myself out of the comfort zone and am really enjoying shaking it all up.

For my final class presentation this year I asked Leah if I could present from the sea. This film is a rough account of the day where I took my digital class mates away from their lap tops and we spent a morning on Ireland’s Eye just off Howth.

Swim Sound.

A sound piece I did initaly for a college sound project, then it bacame part of my first year Interim show, and now it has been selected to be exhibited in Sofia, Bulgaria as part of the Water Tower Arts Festival!

I recorded my weekend winter swim routine using a hydrophone. This consisted of pool training session on a Friday evening, the 40 foot on a Saturday and High Rock on a Sunday.

To present the work at college my peers had to sit for 10 minutes wearing blackened out goggles and  listening to the work  with their feet in freezing cold water! For my Interim show I cut the piece back to 5 minutes keeping the sounds just to the open water swims.

Below are both the sound pieces. You choose which one you want to hear, and do feel free to stick your feet into a bucket of cold water and wear a blindfold!

5 minute sound (no pool) –

10 minute sound piece –