Monthly Archives: November 2012

‘Live’ presentation.

My first 2nd year presentation in October I presented my research work ‘live’ from the River Liffey.

pres 3

pres 11

pres 40

Mitch set up the Live stream and images for me in college for my peers to watch while I swam in the Liffey and attempted to talk about the summer’s research and placements. It was hard, the current was strong and to concentrate on swimming, the cold, all what’s going on around me and speak coherently was certainly a challenge; and although I had an official powerboat with me I was a bit nervous about getting in trouble in the Liffey again.

I arrived back into class about a half hour later, pretty off my head and delirious with excitement. I think it was a good start to the year, also to demonstrate that you don’t have to present in a regular room with a power point presentation.

This swim also mirrored my fist presentation in the first year where I had swum down the Liffey at Dawn with Fergal Mac Carthy on my ‘Welcome to Dublin Swim’ in an attempt to bond with the Liffey. I had just moved up and needed to swim the Liffey as a good omen for my new life and MA in Dublin.

A big thanks to City Kayaks and the very patient Darragh in the powerboat.