My first ever live art performance as part of Live Stock’s ‘Winter Shorts’ at the Market Studios, Dublin 11.01.13.


This was a semi-fictional lauch of my acclimatisation program to train me to swim in water up to 0.4 degrees in Estonia in March.

Mathew Nevin was the compare and the audience were given ice cubes to hold for two minutes while a sound piece played, a mix of my own field recordings of ice and underwater sounds using a hydrophone and also sound bites from youtube clips of Lewis Gordon Pugh and Lyne Cox leading ice and endurance swimmers.

Then there was the official launch where ten volunteers were asked to launch 10 buckets of cold water at myself to conclude this ceremony.

I was asked if I would do a live performance, this idea obviously filled me with complete terror, but my attitude for my time on my Masters has been to challenge myself, get completely out of my comfort zone and shake up my art practice. This was probably the most extreme ‘dare’ I gave myself, but I was happy it all went well and all the other performance artists seemed to enjoy it.

Sequence 1 01015918 Sequence 1 01122817 Sequence 1 01005723 Sequence 1 01011006 Sequence 1 01143306 Sequence 1 01051512 Sequence 1 01051909 Sequence 1 01155022 Picture 7 launch3 Sequence 1 01063301


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